Ten Yellowjackets sign National Letter of Intent to continue their sporting careers

Perham High School athletes from across a wide array of sports signed their National Letter of Intent to continue their sporting careers on April 19.

Perham National Signing Day.jpeg
Perham's National Signing Day held in the Great Hall at Perham High School on April 19.
Nick Leonardelli / Perham Focus

PERHAM – The Yellowjacket faithful packed the Great Hall at Perham High School to watch 10 students sign their National Letter of Intent Wednesday afternoon.

Soren Anderson, Quincy Anderson, Morgan Burkmann, Lucy Schultz, Ben Shumansky, Myriah Theraldson, Micah Thompson, Noah Thompson, Addicyn Zimmerman and Aiden Kennedy inked their commitments to continue their education and athletic careers at the collegiate level. Coaches, families and students gathered in the Great Hall to show support for some of their favorite student-athletes.

Yellowjackets sign NLI.jpeg
10 Perham athletes across multiple sports signed their National Letter of Intent at the Yellowjackets National Signing Day held in the Great Hall at Perham High School on April 19.
Nick Leonardelli / Perham Focus

Soren Anderson

Soren Anderson signed his autograph to continue his basketball playing career at the University of Northwestern St. Paul. He drew interest from Saint Johns University and Concordia College which made the process more daunting.

“There was quite a bit of interest which made the decision even harder but after some research and going on a few visits, I have never been more sure that Northwestern was the one,” he said.


Anderson has dreamt of becoming a college athlete his whole life.

“It means everything because growing up as a kid, this was always a goal of mine,” he said. “Actually doing the whole process is pretty mind-blowing but I’m excited for what’s ahead.”

Northwestern checked off all the criteria was he looking for in a college.

“It felt like home to me,” Anderson said. “Everything felt perfect from the coaches to the community. It was an outstanding fit.”

He credited his family as his biggest supporters throughout the process but it was his dad that had the biggest influence on his decision.

“I have to say my family, mainly my dad supported me the most” Anderson said. “He was a college basketball player himself. He inspired me in so many ways and I have looked up to him my entire life. It was because of him that I knew I wanted to play college basketball too.”

Quincy Anderson 

Quincy Anderson signed her National Letter of Intent to the University of St. Thomas to extend her cross-country and track career. She is stoked for what is to come over the next four years in a different city.


“I am excited to run in college because of the different opportunities it has provided for me throughout high school,” she said. “It means a lot to continue my running career at the next level at St. Thomas.”

St. Thomas gave Anderson an offer she couldn’t refuse.

“I chose St. Thomas because of the multiple athletic and academic opportunities,” she said. “I am majoring in entrepreneurship and marketing and St. Thomas has a great program for that. I was able to get a scholarship for that as well. The two going hand in hand was really helpful for me.”

After a fantastic running career as a Yellowjacket, Anderson garnered interest from a multitude of schools.

“I had been talking to the Unversity of North Dakota, Concordia College, Minnesota State Unversity Moorhead and a few other schools,” she said. “My decision came down to not running at UND but going there for business or St. Thomas, but the opportunities that St. Thomas had outweighed the other schools.”

Andersonhad a platoon of supporters that cheered her on throughout her high school running career. Those same people played an important role in where she wanted to take her talents.

“My whole family has been super supportive, my two sisters, my mom and my dad. Head coach Jeff Morris has helped guide me through the whole process. From recruitment to seeing what is best for me and where – he was right there with a guiding hand.”

Soren Anderson (L), Quincy Anderson (R).jpeg
Perham's Soren Anderson (left) signed his National Letter of Intent to play basketball at the University of Northwestern-St. Paul and Quincy Anderson (right) signed her National Letter of Intent to run cross country and track at the University of St. Thomas at the Yellowjackets National Signing Day held in the Great Hall at Perham High School on April 19.
Nick Leonardelli / Perham Focus

Morgan Burkman


Morgan Burkman chose to continue her volleyball career at Concordia College. She can’t wait to make a difference on the court as a Cobber.

“To me, signing this NLI means that I get to make an impact on a team again,” she said. “I am super excited to start volleyball there.”

Burkmann felt that Concordia was the right choice because of what it offered in terms of volleyball and academics.

“I chose Concordia because while going there everyone was so kind and caring,” she said. “I love the campus. They have the best nursing program in Minnesota, because I am majoring in nursing. While talking to the coach, I felt that I belonged there.”

Concordia was the only school Burkmann looked at. Her dad has been her No. 1 fan since she decided to play volleyball.

“My Dad was my biggest supporter while playing volleyball when I was younger and in high school,” Burkmann said. “Now, my mom and my grandma have really supported me with my decisions and they are just as excited as I am.”

Lucy Schultz

Lucy Schultz is headed to the University of Minnesota Morris to continue her swimming and diving career. The city of Morris and the team gave her the sense of a home away from home.


“I really liked the town because it reminded me a lot of Perham and I fell in love with the campus on my first tour,” Schultz said. “Everyone on the team was so welcoming and the coaches were really nice.”

She was happy to have finally made a decision on a school.

“It meant a lot to me because it was my commitment to swimming in college,” Schultz said. “I am really excited to be with the team and coaches and committing to my college.”

She drew interest from one other school but felt that Morris provided everything she needed and more.

“I was looking at Moorhead State. They have a swim team but I wasn’t too interested in it,” Schultz said. “They did have a nice teaching program because I plan on majoring in elementary education but liked the program at Morris a lot better.”

Schultz was urged by Perham girls swimming and diving head coach Courtney Skarie to extend her swimming career beyond high school.

“It was my coach Courtney (Skarie) who pushed me to make this decision,” she said “I wasn’t sure if I wanted to swim in college or not, but she told me a lot things that influenced my decision in wanting to swim at Morris.”

Morgan Burkmann (L), Lucy Schultz (R).jpeg
Perham's Morgan Burkmann (left) signed her National Letter of Intent to play volleyball at Concordia College-Moorhead and Lucy Schultz (right) signed her National Letter of Intent to swim at the University of Minnesota-Morris at the Yellowjackets National Signing Day held in the Great Hall at Perham High School on April 19.
Nick Leonardelli / Perham Focus

Ben Shumansky


Ben Shumansky furthered his baseball playing career as he signed his NLI to play at Concordia College. Shumansky’s decision to become a Cobber was influenced by a few driving factors.

“I chose Concordia College because I know a couple people going there,” he said. “I also fell in love with the facilities and the fields. The academics are amazing there. It was a dream of mine since I was a kid to play college baseball.”

Schumansky is the career record holder in hits at Perham. He also set the season record for most at-bats and hits in a season, which he broke with 42 in 2021. After an unbelievable career as a Yellowjacket, Shumansky caught the eyes of a few other schools.

“I had University of Jamestown who was pretty interested,” he said. “I also had Northwestern St. Paul that showed a ton of interest.”

He had a couple answers to who his biggest supporters were in making this decision.

“I would have to say my parents and head coach James Mulcahy. Mulcahy has been through everything with me. Whether it has been personal and nonpersonal, he has been there whenever I needed him.”

Myriah Theraldson 

Myriah Theraldson put pen to paper to continue her running career at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. She is happy to have made a commitment to cross country and track after having her doubts heading into this past season.


“It means a lot to me,” Theraldson said. “I have put in a lot of hard work and seeing my progression from not thinking about signing last year to signing this year, it has been a crazy process.”

Theraldson got to spend some quality time with her new teammates which was one of the reasons she chose to become a Blugold.

“I went on an overnight trip and I connected really well with the team and coaches,” Theraldson said. “I talked with some of the professors and fell in love with their program.”

Perham cross-country head coach Jeff Morris ultimately drove her to run in college.

“It was definitely my coach, Jeff Morris. He believed in me and never gave up on me. He would always tell me to put in the hard work even though I never really did until last year. He actually told me, ‘You are going to go to college and do cross-country.’”

Ben Shumansky (L), Myriah Theraldson (R).jpeg
Perham's Ben Shumansky (left) signed his National Letter of Intent to play baseball at Concordia College and Myriah Theraldson (right) signed her National Letter of Intent to run cross country and track at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire at the Yellowjackets National Signing Day held in the Great Hall at Perham High School on April 19.
Nick Leonardelli / Perham Focus

Micah Thompson

Micah Thompson decided that the University of Wisconsin River Falls was where he wanted to continue his basketball career. Signing his NLI was his commitment to four more years of putting in work on the hardwood.

“It means a whole ton to me,” he said. “It’s a piece of paper that shows how much work you have put in and what you are going to do for the next four years of your life. I am really excited to get down there and get to work with the team.”

After an underwhelming first visit to the school, the second visit was a completely different experience.

“The first time I visited campus, it was dark outside and I wasn’t able to enjoy the campus or do any admission stuff,” Thompson said. “The second time I went down there, we did the whole admission process and I just had the gut feeling that this is where I need to be for the next four years. On the way home, my parents were telling me to follow my gut. It was that gut feeling telling me to go there. Their head coach is a great guy and their facilities are super nice too.”

Thompson did not have a fun time informing the other schools of his decision.

“I was looking at Valley City State University and Saint Johns to round out my top three choices,” he said. “Those conversations with those coaches were really hard for me because I have known them for a while. Both coaches were really receptive and wished me the best of luck down the road.”

Thompson attributed his decision to sign to the two most important people in his life.

“Definitely my parents, and I can’t choose one or the other,” he said without hesitation. “They are both amazing people and have made loads of sacrifices for me. They pushed me to be the best player and more importantly, the best human I can be.”

Noah Thompson

After fighting through injuries during his Yellowjacket career, Noah Thompson signed his commitment to play football at Concordia College. He was ecstatic to extend his playing career past high school.

“It means a lot officially becoming a Cobber,” he said. “I can't wait for the season to start.”

The coaches and the location made Thompson decision a lot easier.

“I chose Concordia because the coaches made me feel like I was wanted and I love the Fargo-Moorhead area,” he said.

Noah drew interest from Mayville State University, Gustavus Adolphus College, Lawrence University, Macalester College and Luther College. His parents helped to narrow down his choices, which ultimately led to him becoming a Cobber.

“My biggest supporter throughout my playing career was definitely my parents,” Thompson said. “They were very helpful throughout the recruiting process.”

Micah Thompson (L), Noah Thompson (R).jpeg
Perham's Micah Thompson (left) signed his National Letter of Intent to play basketball at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and Noah Thompson (right) signed his National Letter of Intent to play football at Concordia College at the Yellowjackets National Signing Day held in the Great Hall at Perham High School on April 19.
Nick Leonardelli / Perham Focus

Addicyn Zimmerman 

Addicyn Zimmerman named Concordia College home for the next four years, where she will be continuing her golf career. Moorhead’s distance from home and family history helped Zimmerman in making the decision final.

“I choose Concordia College Moorhead because it was close to home, my family has been connected to Concordia for years, and I had a connection with the coach and teammates,” she said.

Zimmerman can’t wait to hit the links in college.

“I’m excited to expand my opportunities to play golf and challenge myself at the collegiate level,” she said.

She didn’t receive any other direct offers but had interest in Bemidji State and Minnesota State University Moorhead. Those closest to her at home and on the course aided in her making a final decision.

“My family and coaches were my biggest supporters during the process,” Zimmerman said. “My family introduced me into the sport that I love, and my coaches have supported and encouraged me throughout this journey.”

Aiden Kennedy

Aiden Kennedy signed off to become a part of the North American 3 Hockey League (NA3HL) as a member of the Great Falls Americans in Great Falls, Montana. Kennedy gave a sigh of relief after the process was all said and done.

“It feels pretty nice and it's great to get it out of the way,” he said. “The draft was coming up and I really like this team so it feels like a great fit.”

Kennedy felt the NA3HL was the best road to take if he wants to play at a higher collegiate level.

“There are a few leagues that you could play for but I felt that this league gave me the best chance to advancing into higher leagues and hopefully go to college to play hockey,” he said.

He caught the eyes of some schools outside and within the state but Great Falls had the best sales pitch.

“I did have a few other schools that had interest,” Kennedy said. “I had some in Wisconsin and a few around here but I felt that I had the best opportunity in Great Falls and I have a pretty good connection with the coach.”

Mom and Dad were most supportive when Kennedy decided Great Falls was the right choice.

“My parents pushed me all throughout my career,” he said. “When it came down to the decision, they wanted me to choose whatever made me happiest and gave me their full support behind my decision. They liked Great Falls so it worked out well for the both of us.”

Addicyn Zimmerman (L), Aiden Kennedy (R).jpeg
Perham's Addicyn Zimmerman (left) signed her National Letter of Intent to play golf at Concordia College and Aiden Kennedy (right) signed his National Letter of Intent to play in the North American 3 Hockey League as a member of the Great Falls Americans at the Yellowjackets National Signing Day held in the Great Hall at Perham High School on April 19.
Nick Leonardelli / Perham Focus

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