Track and field roundup: Yellowjackets compete at Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton and Pelican Rapids

Results from Perham boys and girls track and field

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PERHAM– The Perham track and field teams competed in two meets last week and took home a number of top-eight finishers.

The girls took first place at the Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton Invitational with a score of 159. They followed it up two days later with a 137.5 at Pelican Rapids for first place in the Hank Emmel Relays.

The Perham boys took second at DGF with a score of 125. In Pelican Rapids, they took third at 87.5. Each of Perham’s top-eight finishers from each event are listed below:

DILWORTH-GLYNDON-FELTON INVITATIONAL GIRLS TEAM SCORES- 1- Perham 159, 2- Barnesville 92, 3- Bagley-Fosston 73, 4th- United Clay-Becker 64, 5th- Park Christian 57, 6th- Ada-Borup-West 39, 7th- DGF, 8th- Breckenridge 27, NCE-UH Titans 6

DILWORTH-GLYNDON-FELTON INVITATIONAL BOYS TEAM SCORES- 1- DGF 179, 2- Perham 125, 3- Barnesville 50, 3- United Clay-Becker 50, 5- Park Christian 49, 6- Ada-Borup-West 35, 7- Breckenridge 24, 8- Bagley-Fosston 23, 9- NCE-UH Titans


PERHAM GIRLS TOP EIGHT FINISHERS- 100M- 4th- Willow Thiel 13.75

200M- 2nd- Jaden Hackel 28.12, 7th- Lola Pulver 29.24

400M- 5th- Lola Pulver 1:05.81

800M- 2nd- Leelou Novotny 2:33.81, 3rd- Liz Birkeland 2:35.26, 5th- Quincy Anderson 2:41.83, 6th- Mya Morris 2:43.15

1600M- 2nd- Gracie Morris 5:23.83, 5th- Ella Hendrickson 5:45.10, 6th- Caidyn Breid 5:55.56

3200M- 2nd- Avalee Brown 12:58.16, 3rd- Aspen Rhode 13:00.99, 6th- Mia Lung 13:18.40

100M HURDLES- 1st- Lauryn Rustad 16.73, 2nd- Jaden Hackel 17.53, 6th- Olivia Rosenthal 19.19

300M HURDLES- 1st- Lauryn Rustad 51.12, 5th- Olivia Rosenthal 56.09


4x100M RELAY- 4th- Chesney Esser, Ariana Doll, Willow Thiel, Alexis Hartmann 55.40

4x200M RELAY- 3rd- Arianna Doll, Kennedy Pilgrim, Alexis Hartmann, Lola Pulver 1:56.78

4x400M RELAY- 4th- Kirsjen Anderson, Mya Morris, Leelou Novotny, Liz Birkeland 4:37.63, 7th- Quincy Anderson, Caidyn Breid, Ella Hendrickson, Myriah Tharaldson 4:54.44

DISCUS- 5th- Grancie Edwards 91’5”

HIGH JUMP- 1st- Willow Thiel 5’0”

POLE VAULT- 1st- Gracie Morris 9’6”, 3rd- Danial Van Watermulen 8’6”, 4th- Natalie Rooney 7’6”

LONG JUMP- 4th- Lola Pulver 15’5”, 8th- Lily Aakre 14’11”

TRIPLE JUMP- 1st- Jaden Hackel 35’1.5”, 2nd- Kennedy Pilgrim 33’11”, 4th- Addi Hackel 31’7”


PERHAM BOYS TOP EIGHT FINISHERS- 100M- 4th- Tyson Coudron 11.82

400M- 1st- Jakob McCleary 52.67, 7th- Blake Swenson 57.64

800M- 1st- Micah Thompson 2:05.82, 3rd- Bjorn Anderson 2:10.28, 5th- Carter Flatau 2:16.64, 8th- Brody Evenson 2:23.48

1600M- 2nd- Caden Doll 4:50.60, 4th- Dylan Guck 4:55.38, 6th- Henry Mathiason 5:04.48

300M HURDLES- 8th- Jovani Vazquez 49.13

4x100M RELAY- 3rd- Noah Thompson, Aiden Kennedy, Tyrus Coudron, Levi Richter 46.60

4x200M RELAY- 2nd- Tyrus Coudron, Isaiah Lehmann, Noah Thompson, Gordy Enyart 1:38.49

4x400M RELAY- 2nd Caden Doll, Bjorn Anderson, Carter Flatau, Blake Swenson 4:00.12, 6th- Owen Shaw, Micah Balderson, Jonny Ramos, Sam LaFond 4:35.29


SHOT PUT- 1st- Connor Kostynick 44’5”, 4th- Gordy Enyart 40’2”

DISCUS- 1st- Connor Kostynick 146’5”

POLE VAULT- 1st- Levi Richter 12’6”, 2nd- Aiden Kennedy 11’0”, 3rd- Noah Novotny 11’0”, 6th- Noah Thompspn 8’6”

LONG JUMP- 4th- Gordy Enyart 18’9”, T8th- Isaiah Lehmann 17’9.5”

TRIPLE JUMP- 3rd- Micah Thompson 39’5”, 6th- Isaiah Lehmann 37’8”

HANK EMMEL RELAYS GIRLS TEAM SCORES- 1- Perham 137.5, 2- Barnesville 92, 3- Pelican Rapids 71.5, 4- United Clay-Becker 48, 5- breckenridge 46, 6- DGF 43, T7- Park Christian, Nevis 41, 9- Ottertail Central 25, 11- Oak Grove Lutheran 8

HANK EMMEL RELAYS BOYS TEAM SCORES- 1- Pelican Rapids 116, 2- DGF 105.5, 3- Perham 87.5, 4- Park Christian 87.5, 5- Barnesville 47, 6- United Clay-Becker 34, 7- Breckenridge 31, 8- Ottertail Central 26, 9- Hillcrest Lutheran Academy 20, 10- Ashby-Brandon-Evansville 16, 11- Oak Grove Lutheran 10, 12- Nevis 8, 13- NCE-UH Titans 6

PERHAM GIRLS TOP EIGHT FINISHERS- 100M HURDLES- 1st- Lauryn Rustad 16.89, 2nd- Jaden Hackel 17.39, 4th- Olivia Rosenthal 18.20


300M HURDLES- 2nd- Lauryn Rustad 49.58, 3rd- Jaden Hackel 50.71

4x100M RELAY- 4th- Perham 54.04

4x200M RELAY- 4th- Leelou Novotny, Kennedy Pilgrim, Alexis Hartmann, Lola Pulver 1:57.52

4x400M RELAY- 4th- Myriah Tharaldson, Lola Pulver, Mya Morris, Olivia Rosenthal 4:36.82

4x800M RELAY- 1st- Caidyn Breid, Ella Hendrickson, Leelou Novotny, Liz Birkeland 10:32.57

SMR 100-200-300-400M- 7th- Ariana Doll, Alexis Hartmann, Kennedy Pilgrim Chesney Esser 2:05.58

200-200-400-800- 5th- Chesney Esser, Alexis Hartmann, Mya Morris, Leelou Novotny 4:43.98

1200-400-800-1600M- Mia Lung, Gracie Morris, Avalee Brown, Aspen Rhode 14:41.98


HIGH JUMP- T1st- Willow Thiel 4’10”, T6th- Olivia Rosenthal, Trinity Covington 4’6”

POLE VAULT- 1st- Gracie Morris 10’6”, 2nd- Natalie Rooney 10’0”, T3rd- Maya Richer, Danial Van Watermulen 9’6”, 6th- Addi Hackel 8’6”

LONG JUMP- 1st- Lola Pulver 15’7”, 2nd- Jaden Hackel 15’6”, 5th- Kennedy Pilgrim 15’5”, 7th- Alexis Hartmann 14;7.5”

TRIPLE JUMP- 1st- Jaden Hackel 35’4”, 3rd- Kennedy Pilgrim 33’9.5”, 7th- Addi Hackel 30’4”

PERHAM BOYS TOP EIGHT FINISHERS- 3200M- 1st- Bjorn Anderson 10:20.52, 2nd- Dylan Guck 10:38.15, 3rd- Caden Doll 10:45.61

110M HURDLES- 7th- Jovani Vazquez 20.44

300M HURDLES- 8th- Jovani Vazquez 49.87

4x100M RELAY- 4th- Perham 46.72

4x200M RELAY- 2nd- Tyrus Coudron, Isaiah Lehmann, Noah Thompson, Gordy Enyart, Landon Morkassel, 1:43.19

4x400M RELAY- Jamb McCleary, Bjorn Anderson, Caden Doll, Carter Flatau 3:49.16

4x800M RELAY- 2nd- Bjorn Anderson, Carter Flatau, Caden Doll, Micah Thompson 9:01.15

200-200-400-800- 1st- Tyson Coudron, Aiden Kennedy, Micah Thompson, Jacob McCleary 3:39.91

1200-400-800-1600- 1st- Dylan Guck, Henry Mathiason, Micah Thompson, Jakob McCleary 11:17.11

SHOT PUT- 4th- Connor Kostynick 41’07.5

DISCUS- 1st- Connor Kostynick 145’6”

HIGH JUMP- T6th- Noah Novotny 5’4”

POLE VAULT- 1st- Levi Richter 13’0”, 2nd- Aiden Kennedy 12’3”, 3rd- Noah Novotny 11’6”, 7th- Noah Thompson 8’6”

LONG JUMP- 7th- Isaiah Lehmann 17’9.5”

TRIPLE JUMP- 4th- Isaiah Lehmann 37’5.5”, 7th- Blake Swenson 35’7”

Jared Rubado is the sports editor for the Detroit Lakes Tribune and the Perham Focus. He moved to the area in September of 2021 after covering sports for the Alexandria Echo Press for nearly three years. Jared graduated from the University of Augustana in 2018 with degrees in journalism and sports managment.
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