Preseason Class A XC rankings: Perham Boys No. 1, Girls No. 7

Rankings courtesy Boys: MSHSL Boys Class A Rank Team Score Highest Lowest Weakness 1 Perham H.S. (MN) 1.27 1 2 -- 2 Saint Cloud Cathedral H.S. (MN) 3.78 2 10 5000m 1-5 Gap (1:06.8) 3 Minnehaha Academy (MN) 4.78 1 20 5000m 1-5 Gap (...

Rankings courtesy .


MSHSL Boys Class ARankTeamScoreHighestLowestWeakness1 Perham H.S.  (MN)1.2712--2 Saint Cloud Cathedral H.S.  (MN)3.782105000m 1-5 Gap (1:06.8)3 Minnehaha Academy  (MN)4.781205000m 1-5 Gap (1:20.2)4 Plainview-Elgin-Millville High School  (MN)73225000m 1-5 Gap (1:21.6)5 Esko H.S.  (MN)7.643141600m Top 46 Saint Charles H.S.  (MN)8.872125000m 1-5 Average (17:24.2)7 Redwood Valley H.S.  (MN)9.076145000m 1-5 Gap (1:11.2)8 Glencoe-Silver Lake H.S.  (MN)11.11225000m 1-5 Average (17:40.7)9 Mora H.S.  (MN)11.37151600m Top 410 Waseca H.S.  (MN)12.54395000m 1-5 Gap (2:12.1)11 Providence Academy  (MN)13.74245000m 1-5 Average (17:40.9)12 Martin County West H.S.  (MN)14.54333200m Top 413 Pelican Rapids H.S.  (MN)15.811285000m 1-5 Gap (1:30.5)14 Winona Cotter H.S.  (MN)167343200m Top 415 Jordan H.S.  (MN)17.08213200m Top 416 Albany High School  (MN)17.213305000m 1-5 Gap (1:34.0)17 Saint Anthony Village H.S.  (MN)17.515255000m 1-5 Gap (1:25.0)18 Mayer Lutheran H.S.  (MN)19.86421600m Top 419 Holy Family Catholic H.S.  (MN)20.86311600m Top 420 Kasson-Mantorville H.S.  (MN)21.614435000m 1-5 Gap (2:15.3)21 Byron High School  (MN)21.916305000m 1-5 Average (17:47.5)22 Luverne H.S.  (MN)239345000m 1-5 Average (17:50.1)23 Montevideo H.S.  (MN)23.221295000m 1-5 Average (17:45.0)24 Belle Plaine H.S.  (MN)23.49395000m 1-5 Average (17:58.2)25 Holdingford H.S.  (MN)2420325000m 1-5 Gap (1:46.3)26 Rochester Lourdes H.S.  (MN)24.218385000m 1-5 Gap (2:10.9)27 Long Prairie-Grey Eagle H.S.  (MN)24.58335000m 1-5 Average (17:49.2)28 Mankato Loyola H.S.  (MN)26.311355000m 1-5 Average (17:51.5)29 Trinity School at River Ridge  (MN)27.712395000m Top 530 Canby H.S.  (MN)28.323455000m 1-5 Gap (2:20.2)31 La Crescent H.S.  (MN)29.222391600m Top 432 Maple Lake H.S.  (MN)30.518445000m 1-5 Average (18:08.8)33 Mounds Park Academy  (MN)31.221475000m 1-5 Gap (2:37.5)34 Watertown-Mayer H.S.  (MN)31.317401600m Top 435 Saint Cloud Tech H.S.  (MN)32.726485000m 1-5 Gap (2:38.1)36 Foley H.S.  (MN)32.819505000m 1-5 Gap (3:16.6)37 Park Rapids Area H.S.  (MN)35.128445000m 1-5 Gap (2:16.5)38 Lake City H.S.  (MN)36.119495000m 1-5 Gap (2:39.3)39 Saint Peter H.S.  (MN)36.319475000m 1-5 Average (18:11.2)40 Annandale High School  (MN)36.827415000m 1-5 Average (18:05.1)41 Saint James H.S.  (MN)37.427471600m Top 442 Pine City H.S.  (MN)37.55505000m 1-5 Average (18:16.0)43 St. Paul Academy and Summit School  (MN)38.632465000m 1-5 Gap (2:29.6)44 Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted H.S.  (MN)38.836461600m Top 445 Maple River H.S.  (MN)4134451600m Top 446 Thief River Falls H.S.  (MN)41.123485000m 1-5 Average (18:13.5)47 Hinckley-Finlayson H.S.  (MN)41.729465000m 1-5 Average (18:11.2)48 DeLaSalle H.S.  (MN)42.74044--49 Ottertail Central (MN)46.637505000m Top 550 Norwood-Young America H.S.  (MN)46.742495000m Top 5  


MSHSL Girls Class A Rank Team Average Time Total Time 1-5 Split1 Waseca H.S.  (MN)15:36.641:18:03.201:26.102 Annandale High School  (MN)15:36.161:18:00.801:24.703 Saint Cloud Cathedral H.S.  (MN)15:43.021:18:35.101:31.004 Trinity School at River Ridge  (MN)15:49.591:19:07.961:26.945 Holdingford H.S.  (MN)15:49.941:19:09.721:43.286 Spectrum H.S.  (MN)15:58.711:19:53.5349.077 Perham H.S.  (MN)16:00.421:20:02.101:04.108 Mankato Loyola H.S.  (MN)16:04.341:20:21.701:08.709 Fairmont H.S.  (MN)16:06.441:20:32.2035.6010 Belle Plaine H.S.  (MN)15:57.661:19:48.302:13.0011 Holy Family Catholic H.S.  (MN)16:00.121;20:00.601:49.4012 Rochester Lourdes H.S.  (MN)16:12.681:21:03.401:15.4013 Dover-Eyota H.S.  (MN)16:13.521:21:07.581:12.9414 Lake City H.S.  (MN)16:18.381:21:31.8929.9415 United South Central H.S.  (MN)16:10.281:20:51.402:21.2016 Luverne H.S.  (MN)16:08.581:20:42.902:21.4017 Maple Lake H.S.  (MN)16:20.981:21:44.901:27.4018 Canby H.S.  (MN)16:22.681:21:53.401:35.6019 Mountain Lake H.S.  (MN)16:30.041:22:30.2049.0020 Esko H.S.  (MN)16:21.301:21:46.502:04.6021 Saint Anthony Village H.S.  (MN)16:26.961:22:14.821:40.3222 Albany High School  (MN)16:33.041:22:45.191:12.0123 Pelican Rapids H.S.  (MN)16:26.001:22:10.002:22.0024 Math & Science Academy  (MN)16:39.871:23:19.341:47.3025 Park Rapids Area H.S.  (MN)16:40.821:23:24.101:43.0026 Norwood-Young America H.S.  (MN)16:36.861:23:04.302:34.1027 Minnehaha Academy  (MN)16:39.821:23:19.112:08.1828 La Crescent H.S.  (MN)16:45.411:23:47.051:14.6529 Long Prairie-Grey Eagle H.S.  (MN)16:45.261:23:46.301:58.1030 St. Paul Academy and Summit School  (MN)16:36.121:23:00.601:57.7031 Watertown-Mayer H.S.  (MN)16:43.701:23:38.502:09.7032 Dassel-Cokato H.S.  (MN)16:52.781:24:23.9036.7033 South Ridge High School  (MN)16:48.921:24:04.602:50.3034 Redwood Valley H.S.  (MN)16:45.581:23:47.903:14.7035 Lac qui Parle Valley H.S.  (MN)16:54.891:24:34.453:09.3036 Martin County West H.S.  (MN)16:42.821:23:34.103:39.3037 Kasson-Mantorville H.S.  (MN)16:57.961:24:49.8232.0638 Minnesota Valley Lutheran  (MN)16:58.021:24:50.101:46.1039 Hinckley-Finlayson H.S.  (MN)16:54.061:24:30.301:25.2040 Plainview-Elgin-Millville High School  (MN)16:54.071:24:30.341:54.0441 Benson H.S.  (MN)16:58.351:24:51.771:08.8542 Jordan H.S.  (MN)16:50.401:24:12.003:15.4043 Saint James H.S.  (MN)16:55.341:24:36.702:26.7044 Pequot Lakes H.S.  (MN)17:03.001:25:15.001:08.0045 Mora H.S.  (MN)16:54.821:24:34.102:50.8046 Adrian High School  (MN)16:55.881:24:39.402:47.4047 Winona Cotter H.S.  (MN)17:05.601:25:28.001:27.8048 Milaca H.S.  (MN)17:07.421:25:37.1058.3049 Providence Academy  (MN)17:06.881:25:34.422:14.6650 Saint Peter H.S.  (MN)17:06.461:25:32.302:36.60

Robert Williams has been a sports editor for Forum Communications in Perham and Detroit Lakes since 2011.
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