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Yellowjackets run streak to 18 with tournament win

Perham's Owen Werner keeps Brainerd freshman Kyle Eschenbacher in a hold during the 120-pound match at the Rick Lee Invitational Friday at the Sanford Center in Bemidji. (Jillian Gandsey | Forum News Service)

The fifth-ranked Perham wrestling team went wire-to-wire in capturing the Rick Lee Duals Championship on Jan. 5 and 6 at the Sanford Center in Bemidji, Minn.

The Yellowjackets captured the title with a 32-28 victory over Frazee in the final match of the tournament. They earned a championship round win over Litchfield, 39-31, and the host Lumberjacks, 44-12.

The perfect tournament improves the Yellowjackets to 18-0 in dual meets this year.

Perham's Gabe Bellefeuille, right, takes control against Brainerd's Denny Busbey.

“Our kids wrestled well and thought it was a good experience,” Perham head coach Robb Moser said. “On Day 1, we saw three teams that we normally don’t see and got a lot of guys wrestling in there. We got a lot of guys picking up wins, which is really good. We got ourselves on a little bit of a roll. In Day 2, you know it’s tough because they pool you up.”

The round-robin tournament closed with two of the top teams in the area squaring off in Perham and Frazee, a match that always raises the eyebrows of wrestling fans in the area.

“The Frazee match is one that is good for the fans and from the community standpoint, it brings up some rivalry stuff. But, for our overall season goals, we don’t have it circled on our calendar as much as people think they are. It is good to wrestle very good competition and Frazee is super good this year,” Moser said. “On paper, I thought they had a chance to win eight matches on us. We ended up getting a couple of real big wins in there.”

The Yellowjackets opened the final with a major decision win from Blaze Brady. He rolled to a 13-3 victory over Christian Carlson. Dylan Johnson followed with a 4-2 win over Landon Byer. Frazee countered with a major decision, decision and a fall win to take its first lead of the match.

Jack Fudge picked up a fall win at 1:38, while Matthew Bush earned a 3-2 overtime win over Mason Newling.

“Bush had a heck of a good match. It was really disjointed. There was a mess in a series and it was called correctly, but it led to the match being delayed,” Moser said. “Bush kept his cool and kept wrestling hard. He was able to get an overtime win. That became the dual right there.”

Frazee picked up a win at 152, but Perham responded with a fall from Wyatt Guck, securing bonus points for Perham. Frazee countered with a fall, but Dawson Kellogg and Zach Peterson followed with a decision and a technical fall win, respectively. Ty Moser was bumped up to 220 and he earned an overtime victory over Luke Tweeton. Moser is used to wrestling at 195, but battled up and secured the dual win for Perham.

The Yellowjackets knocked off another state-ranked opponent in Litchfield, which Moser expects to be a team contending for a state tournament berth. Moser said he thought the Yellowjackets did what was expected of them to do in the win. Dylan Johnson and Owen Werner started it right away with a decision and a fall win, respectively. Jack Fudge stopped a Litchfield run with a forfeit victory. Dylan Fudge and Wyatt Guck earned key bonus points with fall wins. Zach Peterson and Ty Moser secured the win with a pair of fall victories as well.

“We are going to see them later on in the year and I think they are going to be a state team this year,” Moser said. “They are going to give Foley everything they want in that section.”

Despite facing some unique matchups against Bemidji, the Yellowjackets picked up 10 wins in the 13 matches, cruising to the victory. Moser said the kids wrestled well and it started with Brady, Johnson and Werner. He said they set the table for the rest of the team.

“That was a good win. Bemidji had turned some heads around there,” Moser said. “They were really gunning for us.”

Perham opened with wins over Bloomington Kennedy, United North Central and Brainerd on the opening day of the dual.

The Yellowjackets return to action when they take on Fergus Falls in a dual meet on Thursday, Jan. 11, before hosting the KLN Super Dual on Saturday, Jan. 13 when they take on Simley.


Perham 32, Frazee 28

106: Blaze Brady (PER) def. Christian Carlson (FRZ) (Maj. Dec. 13-3)

113: Dylan Johnson (PER) def. Landon Byer (FRZ) (Dec. 4-2)

120: Michael Miller (FRZ) def. Owen Werner (PER) (Maj. Dec. 19-5)

126: Tanner Schermerhorn (FRZ) def. Gabe Bellefeuille (PER) (Dec. 7-2)

132: Kaden Heimenz (FRZ) def. Ezekiel Pechtel (PER) (Fall :23)

138: Jack Fudge (PER) def. Mason Newling (FRZ) (Fall 3:30)

145: Matthew Bush (PER) def. Carter Shipman (FRZ) (Dec. 3-2 OT)

152: Hudson Hiemenz (FRZ) def. Dylan Fudge (PER) (Dec. 11-10)

160: Wyatt Guck (PER) def. Logan Wacker (FRZ) (Fall 5:38)

170: Tanner Eischens (FRZ) def. Brian Ramos (PER) (Fall 2:58)

182: Dawson Kellogg (PER) def. Brett Graham (FRZ) (Dec. 5-4)

195: Zach Peterson (PER) def. Gabe Drews (FRZ) (Tech Fall 20-5)

220: Ty Moser (PER) def. Luke Tweeton (FRZ) (Dec. 5-4 OT)

285: Tony Malikowski (FRZ) def. Rowdie Lindquist (PER) (Fall 2:56)

Perham 39, Litchfield 31

106: Dylan Johnson (PER) def. Eddie Simes (LCF) (Dec. 5-0)

113: Owen Werner (PER) def. Aryan Payne (LCF) (Fall 1:34)

120: Jerry Simes (LCF) def. Gareth Covington (PER) (Dec 9-5)

126: Ezra Kaping (LCF) def. Gabe Bellefeuille (PER) (Dec. 6-1)

132: Afton Kaping (LCF) def. Ezekiel Pechtel (PER) (Fall 1:34)

138: Jack Fudge (PER) wins by forfeit

145: Andrew Loch def. Matthew Bush (PER) (Maj. Dec. 12-3)

152: Dylan Fudge (PER) def. Bryce Penk (LCF) (Fall 3:19)

160: Wyatt Guck (PER) def. Murphy Evans (LCF) (Fall 1:25)

170: Logan Nelson (LCF) def. Dawson Kellogg (PER) (Dec. 3-1 OT)

182: Zach Peterson (PER) def. Dylan Madsen (LCF) (Fall 1:10)

195: Ty Moser (PER) def. Sam Moer (LCF) (Fall 1:55)

220: Kal Jackman (LCF) def. Jose Lopez (PER) (Fall 5:19)

285: Chase Liestman (LCF) def. Rowdie Lindquist (PER) (Fall 2:51)

Perham 44, Bemidji 12

106: Blaze Brady (PER) def. Riley Farris (BEM) (Fall 1:46)

113: Dylan Johnson (PER) def. Seth Newby (BEM) (Dec. 11-4)

120: Owen Werner (PER) ef. Bryce Golden (BEM) (Dec. 4-2 OT)

126: Gabe Bellefeuille (PER) def. Joe Hudson (BEM) (Dec. 6-2)

132: Darren Roth (BEM) def. Ezekiel Pechtel (PER) (Fall 5:21)

138: Jon Soloum (BEM) def. Jack Fudge (PER) (Dec. 9-6)

145: Matthew Bush (PER) def. Nate Golden (BEM) (Dec. 5-2)

152: Dylan Fudge (PER) def. Colton Hinrichs (BEM) (Fall 2:37)

160: Chance Hinricks (BEM) def. Wyatt Guck (PER) (Dec. 10-9)

182: Dawson Kellogg (PER) def. Nic Geiger (BEM) (Dec. 8-3)

195: Zach Peterson (PER) def. Peter Moen (BEM) (Maj. 18-6)

220: Ty Moser (PER) def. Hunter Schoenborn (BEM) (Maj. Dec. 19-7)

285: Rowdie Lindquist (PER) def. Codie Desrosier (BEM) (Fall 3:03)

Perham 48, Bloomington Kennedy 24

106: Bloomington Kennedy wins by forfeit

113: Owen Werner (PER) def. Mason Scott (BK) (Fall 3:50)

120: Allen Everson (BK) def. Gareth Covington (PER) (Fall 3:40)

126: Gabe Bellefeuille (PER) def. Derek Eager (BK) (Fall 1:14)

132: Billy Reineccius (BK) def. Ezekiel Pechtel (PER) (Fall 3:15)

138: Jack Fudge (PER) def. Xavier Judge (BK) (Dec. 4-3)

145: Reece Averbeck (BK) def. Matthew Bush (PER) (Fall 3:58)

152: Dylan Fudge (PER) def. Joe Jeans (BK) (Fall 2:37)

160: Wyatt Guck (PER) def. Isaac Grams (BK) (Dec. 5-0)

170: Dawson Kellogg (PER) def. Jake Leicht (BK) (Dec. 2-0)

182: Zach Peterson (PER) def. Riley O’Neil (BK) (Fall :22)

195: Ty Moser (PER) wins by forfeit)

220: Jose Lopez (PER) def. Isaiah Codden (BK) (Dec. 8-4)

285: Rowdie Lindquist (PER) wins by forfeit

Perham 42, Brainerd 23

106: Dylan Johnson (PER) def. Atlie Danielson (BRD) (Dec. 8-7)

113: Chad Orsburn (BRD) def. Blaze Brady (PER) (Maj. Dec. 16-8)

120: Owen Werner (PER) def. Kyle Eschenbacher (BRD) (Dec. 8-4)

126: Denny Busby (BRD) def. Gabe Bellefeuille (PER) (Dec. 5-3 OT)

132: Kyle Patnode (BRD) def. Ezekiel Pechtel (PER) (Fall :48)

138: Jack Fudge (PER) def. Brad Patnode (BRD) (Dec. 7-1)

145: Max Boran (BRD) def. Matthew Bush (PER) (Maj. Dec. 9-0)

152: Dylan Fudge (PER) def. Tommy Fickett (BRD) (Fall 1:52)

160: Wyatt Guck (PER) def. Braden Kramer (BRD) (Fall 5:47)

170: Brian Ramos (PER) def. Isiah Boberg (BRD) (Tech Fall 17-2)

182: Dawson Kellogg (PER) def. Nathan Remick (BRD) (Fall 1:57)

195: Zach Peterson (PER) def. Morgan Gibson (BRD) (Maj. Dec. 19-7)

220: Ty Moser (PER) def. Fletcher Derosier (BRD) (Fall 1:17)

285: Brainerd wins by forfeit

Perham 68, United North Central 6

106: Dylan Johnson (PER) def. Ethan Hendrickson (UNC) (Fall 3:58)

113: Owen Werner (PER) def. Hank Tellers (UNC) (Tech Fall 15-0)

120: Gareth Covington (PER) def. Ethan Trout (UNC) (Dec. 8-3)

126: Ezekiel Pechtel (PER) def. Dylan Rasmussen (UNC) (Fall 2:24)

132: Gabe Bellefeuille (PER) def. Eion Ness (UNC) (Dec. 13-6)

138: Jack Fudge (PER) wins by forfeit

145: Matthew Bush (PER) def. Torrey Carlson (UNC) (Fall 1:23)

152: Dylan Fudge (PER) wins by forfeit

160: Wyatt Guck (PER) def. Dakota Meech (UNC) (Fall :47)

170: Dawson Kellogg (PER) wins by forfeit

182: Zach Peterson (PER) def. Gator Bettin (UNC) (Fall 4:43)

195: Ty Moser (PER) wins by forfeit

220: Jose Lopez (PER) def. Brock Kako (UNC) (Dec. 7-1)

285: Jared Seibert (UNC) def. Rowdie Lindquist (PER) (Fall 3:00)

Jason Groth

 Groth is a Minnesota Newspaper Association award-winning Sports Editor of the Perham Focus and the Wadena Pioneer Journal. Groth worked in Grand Rapids as the Sports Director at KOZY/KMFY radio for two years and prior to that he was the Sports Editor/Writer for the Grand Rapids Herald-Review for seven years. 

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