Yellowjackets take second at Fosston Invitational

The Perham/New York Mills/Henning swimming team captured second place honors at the annual Fosston/Bagley Invitational on Sept. 28 in Fosston.

The Yellowjackets finished with 316 points, just 21 points behind first place Fosston/Bagley, who came in with 337 points. Crookston was third with 138 points, while Staples-Motley was fourth with 105 points.

The Yellowjackets reached the podium nine times during the meet and had set 19 career personal records and six season personal records during the meet.

The 200 medley relay team of Lucie Meyer, Irene Mursu, Olivea McDonald and Ellie Smith came in second at two minutes and 11.64 seconds to kick off the meet. Lucy Schultz finished second in the 200 freestyle with a time of 2:24.49. Irene Mursu captured top honors in the 200 individual medley with a time of 2:29.14.

Olivea McDonald came in third of the 50 freestyle with a finishing time of 29.49. Kaydi Mursu captured fourth place honors in the 100 butterfly at 1:24.50, while McNair was second in the 100 freestyle at 1:08.26. McDonald came in second of the 500 freestyle with a time of 6:25.74.


Irene Mursu, Kaydi Mursu, Ellie Smith and Olivea McDonald came insecond at 1:55.93 of the 200 freestyle relay. Irene Mursu followed with a first place finish in the 100 backstroke at 1:09.60 for her second first place finish of the day.

Katelyn Kratzke came in fourth for Perham/NYM/Henning in the 100 breaststroke at 1:33.42. The team of Lucy Schultz, Kaydi Mursu, Jasmyn Olson and McNair closed the meet with a fourth place finish in the 400 freestyle relay at 4:53.95.

Fosston Invitational
Team Results
Fosston/Bagley 337, Perham/NYM/Henning 316, Crookston 138, Staples-Motley 105
Perham/NYM/Henning results
200 medley relay-2 Lucie Meyer, Irene Mursu, Olivea McDonald, Ellie Smith, 2:11.64; 4 Hannah Lung, Shanetta Reitmeyer, Lucy Schultz, Oakley McNair, 2:22.35; 7 Molly Meyer, Katelyn Kratzke, Myra King, Elle McDonald, 2:37.97; 10 Sadie Bjorklund, Madeleine Lamb, Emily Welte, Josi Mindermann, 3:01.47; 200 freestyle-2 Lucy Schultz, 2:24.49; 5 Jasmyn Olson, 2:40.72; 7 Chloe Koljonen, 2:46.76; 8 Lucie Meyer, 2:55.85; 200 individual medley-1 Irene Mursu, 2:29.14; 5 Shanetta Reitmeyer, 2:58.88; 7 Oakley McNair, 3:04.77; 8 Myra King, 3:11.49; 50 freestyle-3 Olivea McDonald, 29.49; 5 Hannah Lung, 31.36; 11 Sadie Bjorklund, 40.81; 12 Elizabeth Spencer, 41.33; 100 butterfly-4 Kaydi Mursu, 1:24.50; 5 Lucy Schultz, 1:30.21; 9 Josi Mindermann, 1:53.48; 100 freestyle-2 Oakley McNair, 1:08.26; 6 Myra King, 1:15.34; 8 Molly Meyer, 1:20.13; 11 Emily Welte, 1:32.35; 500 freestyle-2 Olivea McDonald, 6:25.74; 6 Shanetta Reitmeyer, 7:09.78; 9 Elle McDonald, 7:35.37; 10 Jasmyn Olson, 7:45.78; 200 freestyle relay-2 Irene Mursu, Kaydi Mursu, Ellie Smith, Olivea McDonald, 1:55.93; 5 Hannah Lung, Chloe Koljonen, Jasmyn Olson, Elle McDonald, 2:14.74; 8 Josi Mindermann, Katelyn Kratzke, Madeleine Lamb, Molly Meyer, 2:25.64; 100 backstroke-1 Irene Mursu, 1:09.60; 3 Lucie Meyer, 1:17.46; 5 Hannah Lung, 1:20.25; 6 Kaydi Mursu, 1:22.02; 9 Madeleine Lamb, 1:39.00; 11 Chloe Koljonen, 1:40.24; 400 freestyle relay-4 Lucy Schultz, Kaydi Mursu, Jasmyn Olson, Oakley McNair, 4:53.95; 5 Lucie Meyer, Myra King, Chloe Koljonen, Shanetta Reitmeyer, 5:10.73; 6 Elle McDonald, Molly Meyer, Madeleine Lamb, Katelyn Kratzke, 5:40.88; 8 Josi Mindermann, Emily Welte, Elizabeth Spencer, Sadie Bjorkland, 6:14.49.

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